About Lamar Medical Center

In 1993, the Central Savannah River Area Partnership for Community Health conducted a health status assessment of three county areas (Aiken County, South Carolina, Richmond and Columbia County, Georgia) as one of its initial activities. This assessment found that the 30901zip code area of Augusta/Richmond County, Georgia had profound incidence of diseases, crime, poverty, limited access to health case, drug and alcohol abuse and a disproportionate high incidence of mental health in-patient and out-patient admissions and treatment.

As a result of examining the data and community request, a community-based planning process was begun in 1994 to determine how to alleviate some of the problems. The process was spearheaded by the Central Savannah River Area Partnership for Community Health. Community residents, social service agencies, community organizations, and health care providers participated in the process.

In 1996, in response to needs identified by Beulah Grove Community Resource Center, Inc. services were expanded to include a primary care clinic, (known as The Center for Community Health), and that the Center would be operated through a collaboration and coordination agreement between the Beulah Grove Community Resource Center, Inc. and the University Hospital.

In 2006, the Beulah Grove Community Resource Center took over all operations of The Center for Community Health and renamed the center The Lamar Medical Center, in honor of the first black school of nursing, which was the vision of Lucy C. Laney.

Our Mission:
To provide access to quality comprehensive, culturally diverse, and community-based primary care.
Lamar Medical Center (LMC) will progressively expand its services and programs to meet the changing needs of the community. We will be an efficient, financially stable, affordable model health center. Our outcomes will demonstrate a difference in the lives of our patients. The sub-vision in short shall be the Three A's: Affordable, Accessible, and Available.

To be a model primary health care facility.

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